Express Notary Services provide our clients with a specialist and convenient service, in which we will travel directly to the agreed location, office or homes. Besides facilitating an efficient, accurate and cost-effective service, your convenience is also just as important to us. Furthermore, if you require an effective and prompt notary service, whether you are a broker, lender, non-professional, professional or escrow office, we are the express notary service that you need and deserve. Therefore, please give us a call, email or text us to arrange an appointment today if you require a reliable and efficient remote/mobile notary service. We would be delighted to be given an opportunity to provide you with an inclusive, reliable and high-quality service.


We offer same day service if you submit your documents before 11 am

Escrow documents

Just like any other documents, escrow documents need to be signed and completed by a notary agency. This is part of our services that contains accuracies and does not delay anything.


We will administer and notarize a signature for a deposition or POA.


If you are in dire need of a notary for the wills, bear in mind that we are here for you. We will verify the identities of both parties signing this important case.

Quitclaim deed

For a quitclaim deed document that will be recorded in Washington, DC, it will be signed by a notary agency like us. We will act as the third person and will be present to witness the signing of the documents.

Affirmations and oaths

It is our role to administer an affirmation or an oath. We have the basic understanding of performing both declarations that you really need to try us.

Deed of trust

Transactions that involve deeds of trust are usually structured in order that a lender gives a borrower the money to buy a specific property. This must as well be notarized and recorded with the recorder.

Financial documents

Financial documents actually require a dated signature that attests the accuracy and validity of information. Your signature will thereby be notarized by our staff upon your request.

Loan document signings

Remember that if the borrower signature line is signed improperly or is blank, there will be no loan.

How does it work?

Remote Appointments

We are both proud and delighted to offer all our clients with a remote notary service. Once you have arranged your appointment with us, regardless of the day or time, as we offer evening and weekend appointments. Then, we will visit you at your preferred location, whether it’s at your home, a coffee shop or your office. We are delighted to provide you with this specialized mobile notary service, wherein we facilitate the appointment/location to make it as convenient as possible for my clients.

We will meet with you at the agreed location; I will notarize the document and return it to you once I have completed the service. Our knowledgeable team of professional calls is available to assist our clients regarding their signing needs.

Office Appointments

Please note that if you would prefer to come to our office, it will have to be pre-booked. Should you need an in-house meeting, it is an appointment only basis, since I primarily work remotely. However, I will always accommodate to suit the needs of my clients.

Head Office: 100 M St SE, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20003.

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