Apostille and Notary, both are accepted as legal documents by the government of the respected countries but both of them differ in some or the other way. Let’s make a clear idea regarding the difference between a Notary and Apostille Document.

• Apostille is the legal certificate that proves a valid document of a person’s identity.
• Apostille is generally issued when one is thinking to go move or live or study in some different country.
• Apostille certificates are needed for the countries which are registered with Hague convention.
• A document to be proved valid and genuine outside the USA needs Apostille in the Hague convention countries.
• When one needs to submit or deposit the documents outside of United States of America, they need to verify with the help of Apostille documents, in order to get the permit to live, work, or study outside the country or in the country who are part of the Hague convention, they need to get Apostille done for their documents.
• Various countries are part of Hague convention, so getting an Apostille done is mandatory while thinking the future in those countries.

• Notarization is a document or says an act that certifies the legal documents with a public notary.
• Notarizing a document is necessary as it will ensure the validity and authentication of the sign used in any legal documents of the person residing in the country.
• Notarization is done, while obtaining Apostille.
• While applying for a notary, it must have the signature of the translator translating the document also the notarized translation.
• When one needs to offer the documents inside the United States of America, they need notarized documents, that will be legally valid as it is certified by Secretary of State’s Office.
• To prove the document legal in one’s own country, it is mandatory to notarized the documents to go with ease with government and legal issues.


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