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We provide a standard and express apostille notary service. We serve the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland areas.

Here at Express Notary Apostille have been providing high-quality, cost-effective and efficient apostille, legalization, and authentication services for over 5 years in the DMV area. Recently, we have opened an office in Washington DC, but we still provide remote appointment with both my standard and express services.

Our Services

Express Notary Services provide our clients with a specialist and convenient service, in which we will travel directly to the agreed location, office or homes. Besides facilitating an efficient, accurate and cost-effective service, your convenience is also just as important to us. Furthermore, if you require an effective and prompt notary service, whether you are a broker, lender, non-professional, professional or escrow office, we are the express notary service that you need and deserve. Therefore, please give us a call, email or text us to arrange an appointment today if you require a reliable and efficient remote/mobile notary service.


We offer same day service if you submit your documents before 11 am

Escrow documents

Just like any other documents, escrow documents need to be signed and completed by a notary agency. This is part of our services that contains accuracies and does not delay anything.


We will administer and notarize a signature for a deposition or POA.

About Us

Express Notary Service is a well-established, knowledgable full-time apostille, legalization and authentication service provider. We were founded in 2018, by Aziz, with the goal to provide effective, express and high-quality services, with all notarizing tasks. Moreover, our services are not limited, as we can notarize all and most types of documents such as estate planning, financial agreements, real estate, immigration, and contracts, just to name a few. Besides being able to facilitate a standard and express mobile notary apostille service, to the entire DMV area, we are experienced professionals who are equipped with the knowledge to deal with any and most tasks in which a notary public seal is required.

If you select us to assist you with your notary requirements, we will arrange one of our well-honed notary professionals who match with your specific needs. Our existing clients know us as being their one-stop solution for all notary requirements. We ensure that all quotes and costs incurred are to provide you with high quality and efficient service. Furthermore, Express Notary Service is a fully licensed, authorized, trained and insured notary agency serving in Washington DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Thus, we are well equipped and ready to perform hundreds to thousands of signings at our office, or mobile notary signings in all areas of DMV.


Express Notary Apostille is a full-time apostille, legalization, and authentication service provider. We facilitate all of our services 24/7 and do our most to accommodate the fastest, high-quality and cost-effective service for our clients. We offer remote and in-office service for both standard and express apostille notary services. We serve the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland areas.

Please be aware, that the fees mentioned below are our general rates, as both distance and appointment times are considered with our pricing. Therefore, depending on your location, the appointment time and amount of documentation the charges may vary to those listed below.

  • General Fees for  standard Apostille service in Washington DC: $150
  • For every additional page: $25.00
  • Expedited same day service (if you submit the document before 11 am) (Ask us about fees for same day services) 
  • Ask us about fees in Southern MD and Norhern VA

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Business hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm | Address: 100 M ST SE, Ste 600 Washington DC, 20003
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